Al Kahfi Residence


Find out what to expect


People coming for holidays are from cities and come to relax and enjoy in this Kuala Terengganu beautiful beaches. We believe one can only feel relaxed when your mind is at peace.

Outdoor BBQ

How about throwing a BBQ party for your family? Worried about the menu? With Al Kahfi Residence, worry no more, simply book with us and we provide the rest.

We will provide specially marinated meats and chicken combine with various sauce to spice things up a bit. We also provide you with the charcoal and BBQ pit, making sure that you and your family with throw a great BBQ party.

Walk around Pasar Payang

Inside a modern building, Pasar Payang sells a mixture of items, from clothes to food. You can find reasonably priced textiles, such as silk, batik, and brocade, or buy ready-made products like dresses and scarves.

The market also offers fresh produce, and remains an ideal shopping destination for anyone interested in experiencing the local culture in an authentic, engaging way. 

Picnic on The Beaches

With various beach location to choose from why not go on and have a picnic with your family. Enjoy a good day in the sun. Some of the beach to choose from are the famous Pantai Batu Burok or Pantai Teluk Ketapang .

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea while eating locally made Terengganu Keropok Lekor. At Al Kahfi Residence, we provide frozen Terengganu Keropok Lekor deliver directly to the homestay. So don’t forget to fried some for you trip.